Advantage Liquid Concentrate (ALC)


A biologically active natural formula combining Grapefruit Seed Extract with Green Tea and Jasmine Tea. ALC is a powerful concentrate. It it is effective against harmful bacteria.

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“These three ingredients as formulated, greatly enhance the benefits of any one ingredient individually…after all our testing, we feel there is not a better broad-spectrum liquid available today than ALC. It is effective against harmful bacteria; beneficial bacteria are not affected.”

~Researcher Isao Kubo, PhD., University of California, Berkley


“The first product I ever tried from Wisdom of the Ages was ALC. I continue to be impressed with ALC and have used it especially in the treatment of yeast infections. It also has worked well for treating stomach ulcers.” ~M.A.C., M.D., New Mexico


“Advantage Liquid Concentrate is an indispensable part of my daily intake. When my throat is scratchy and I feel susceptible to a cold, I drink a small amount of water with several drops of ALC. I gargle with a stronger mix of water and ALC which has helped kill more than one sore throat. I use it regularly full strength on the cuticle of a split fingernail as a nail strengthener. I’m still finding new uses for ALC, and I like it.” ~J.E. Kearney, Missouri