Healing Stone 4-pack (1ea) sm, med, lg, x-lg


This Stone was originally mined to make jewelry because of the mixture of Malachite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Silver and Native Copper. Stone samples were sent to a laboratory to be analyzed. Quartz, which is natures way of bonding this Stone together, can be either piezoelectric or pyroelectric. This means that through mechanical (compression, traction, torsion) or thermal stresses it can develop an electrical potential. Other elements that were discovered in the lab reports of this Stone have the ability to store and increase this energy. The remainder of the elements, such as Copper and Silver, are all excellent conductors of energy. The elements which comprise the Stone, together have the ability to create, store and conduct energy. It also can maintain this activity for many, many years. Many of these elements have been used throughout history for holistic healing.

Most all stones emit a small amount of radiation. For that matter, most everything does. The sun itself puts out quite a lot. Experts have said that radiation in low levels are actually good for you. This Stone emits a very low dose of radiation, enough to explain a lot of the Stone’s energy and transmittal activity. Most of the elements within the Stone have been used throughout history to battle many types of illnesses and are still used today. It has also been found that storing the healing stones in water raises the frequency of the energy that can be measured with a standard multimeter.

For decades now we have known about a healing process that is unequaled. If you research “Radiation Hormesis”, you will find that it has been proven to work, but researchers have not determined a dose or a way to get it to people that is cost effective. Unfortunately, we have a fear of radiation. We as a society have been uneducated on the real potential healing with low dose radiation. This was a product of misuse with high doses. The answer is a dose that will make the body respond, but will not overwhelm it. After years of research a healing stone has been discovered, with the proper dose, and we can now present this to those in need. Cancer research has been the main research conducted, but we have also been working with other illnesses.

The radiation levels of this stone are very low, completely harmless, very effective, and natural. Stones and Mud Packs are healing methods that have been proven historically, scientifically, and with a present day case history. With proper diet and continuous use of Radiation Hormesis, success against illness and disease such as cancer has been tremendous. This treatment is simple, consisting of the use of a Stone, a Water Stone, and a Mud Pack. The energy level that these emit, has been measured digitally on each stone. The person who discovered this stone is a medicine man and covered under NAFERA (Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act, 1993). He mines, cuts and tests every product himself. The side effects usually involved are good sleep and more energy. The radiation in the material is not what is killing these mutant cells, it is only stimulating, activating, and having your own body do the work.

Unfortunately, one problem we face time and again, is that people are using natural methods of healing as a last resort, instead of the first line of defense. Even though Radiation Hormesis has been successful as a “last resort”, using radiation hormesis much earlier on is highly recommended. Prevention is the best circumstance. There are doctors, all over the United States, who are currently working, successfully, with these products. They have proven THIS WORKS.

Instructions and information for use

When using Stones, Mud Packs, or Water Stones, you are trying to get low dose radiation to the affected area. Remember, it is not the radiation attacking the problem, it is just helping your body respond. The levels of radiation you are getting are extremely low and are not harmful at all. You are getting radiation, in low doses, everyday from the environment you live in.

The Stone

The Stone puts out between 0.05 and 0.09 mRems/hr. Before you apply the Stone, we suggest you run it under hot water for just a couple of minutes. The quartz in the Stone is pyroelectric and increases from 260 to about 380 milivolts when it is heated up. Put the Stone directly against the skin. The Stone does three things. It provides a very low dose of radiation hormesis, it absorbs, and it puts out a very small DC current. The Stone is especially great on painful areas, for tumors, and lesions. Keep the Stone on the area as much as possible. It cannot be overdone. The very minimum is 8 hours. The Stone seems to work it’s best after it has been in water, Hot or Cold. After using the Stone, place it in fresh water to cleanse it.

The Mud Packs

With the Mud Packs you will be receiving straight radiation hormesis. The packs put out between 0.4 and 0.6 mRems/hr. The packs are plastic so you can run them under warm water before use to make them comfortable. They do not have to be warm or hot to be effective. Some people prefer them cool. This will not vary the energy level either way. Again, put the Mud Packs on the affected area for at least 8 hours, a day. More if you can. You may want to put a thin cotton material between you and the pack. This works best when you are sleeping with the pack. If the pack breaks don’t be alarmed! It is not dangerous at all. You can always contact us for an exchange.

The Water Stone

The Water Stone puts out between 3 and 10 mRems/hr. Just place the Water Stone in a gallon jug of water and let it sit overnight. The water absorbs the radiation and only puts out approximately 0.06 mRems/hr. When you drink this prepared water, it goes through your body and will stay for about three hours. It does not matter if it is refrigerated or not, use it to your taste. You should drink one or two glasses a day until you get used to it. After that as much as you want.


When you start, it is not uncommon at all to have an aggravation period on the area of 2 to 30 days. It is a healing reaction that your own body is orchestrating. Don’t panic. Other effects from the therapy include good sleep and increased energy.