Skin Care Formula

ImageA facial and body care formula that allows healing of most topical skin ailments such as acne, rash, diaper rash, sunburn, thermal burns, road rash, bee stings, scrapes, bruises and much more. Starts clearing acne and facial blemishes in just a few days.

Will substantially clear acne in a few weeks with two applications a day without the harsh after-effects of other products. Softens skin tissue and gives a wonderful complexion. Relieves pain and irritation of insect bites and stings in just moments. Relieves the irritation and limits the spreading of fever blisters and cold sores (HERPES SIMPLEX 1 AND HERPES SIMPLEX 2). Total comfort in just minutes. Relieves pain and irritation from sunburn and thermal burns. Relieves burns from chili on hands and mouth. Clears up heat rash in just minutes. Relieves itching skin including pain and itching of poison ivy/oak. Reduces scar tissue with continued use. Derma-Life Skin Care Formula is a very unique formulation of natural ingredients with a cold pressed Aloe Vera base that totally absorbs into the dermis carrying the vitamin-rich ingredients deep into the skin. Derma-Life Skin Care Formula with Aloe Vera is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and static to bacteria, has no dyes or added fragrance and is natural in color.