ImageThis natural body-cleansing agent is rich in natural silica and 14 other trace minerals.  Diatomaceous earth absorbs mercury, E. coli, endotoxins, viruses, and organo-phosphate pesticide residues, drug residues, and proteinaceous residues produced by bacterial infections. Order the booklet, “The ToxiClenz Report” for more information on this product.






“We have tested this particular food grade fresh water amorphous diatomaceous earth against several other products available. It has proven to be the very best every time.”

~Dr. Galen Knight, PhD., New Mexico

“My physician commented that he would like to use me as a poster girl for “benefits of lifestyle changes”. After using ToxiClenz for nearly two months, my whole blood and heart condition has improved 100%. I have a blood circulation, at 48 years of age, of a 25 year old.”

~Denise Holloway, Westcliffe, Colorado

“My mother and I used ToxiClenz twice a day. 1 Tablespoon in a tall glass of orange juice seven days before her scheduled mastectomy for second stage small cell carcinoma of the right breast. After 7 days and a 70 minute surgery, the surgeon came to us in the waiting room and said, “benign, lymph nodes clear, no cancer, no mastectomy.” My mother said thank God, and thank goodness for the prayers and for ToxiClenz!” ~Joy Mari Sato, Westcliffe, Colorado