Winter Blend

  • Vitamin C, D3 and Elderberry
  • Zinc, Quercetin and Selenium
  • Astragalus and Ashwagandha
  • Bioflavonoids and Probiotics
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Green Tea and Jasmine Tea


WINTER BLEND is the result of exceptional research and development to produce a complete daily immune supplement that provides an effective combination of the most essential nutrients for strengthening the     immune system during the problematic Fall and Winter months. Wisdom of the Ages utilized the latest natural health research along with established safe and effective dosage recommendations to formulate a blend of the highest quality ingredients for immune support. Winter Blend provides all of the topmost recommended winter immune supplements together in one comprehensive formula. These high quality ingredients were specifically chosen for their unique abilities to work together, each ingredient enhancing the effectiveness of the others, producing a more potent, bio-available and effective supplement. This synergistic formulation works together to support the immune cells that regulate immune defenses, rapid immune response and your body’s natural immunity. Formulated for DAILY USE during the Fall through Winter months.

120 Vegan Capsules.

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